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236 Whitley Road
(Caltex Station)
Singapore 297826

Contact:  Andy

 +65 6455 2309

 +65 9022 9092

Locations: Central
Service Type: Car Workshops
Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat 9.00AM - 7.00PM
Website: www.facebook.com/pitwerks


9 Degree + Pitwerks

We are a local automotive air-conditioning company with 10 years of combined experience in car air-conditioning maintenance and overhaul. We specialize in continental cars as wellas Japanese cars. Our technicians are well versed with vast experience and knowledge on the car air-conditioning system. We are equipped with the lastest tools and equipments, such as air-conditioning diagnostic tools and air-cpnditioning flushing machine, in order to give out clients an assurance that their cars are in good hands.

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  • Car Accessories
  • Professional engine analysis
  • Diagnostic / evaluation service
  • Air conditioning servicing & repair


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