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Our True Story With SGDrivers

Ms Ivy Low (Entrepreneur)

When I was introduced by a friend to SGDrivers in 2013, I paid $30.00 more than what my previous insurance agent quoted. Not because I was overcharged but rather my old premium coverage was inadequate, which was not mentioned to me previously.

As I had bought a second hand Hyundai Trajet 2.0, the car started to give me problems after the 6th month. In the next 6 months, I experience all kinds of problems. As a lady, I often felt underprivileged so I decided to call SGDrivers to refer me to someone who would not ‘slaughter’ me.


Mr Lam (Healthcare)

As a typical healthcare worker whose days are spent at work, time is everything to me. I bought the insurance from SGDrivers as most things can be done remotely via whatsapp and bank transfer.

During the year, I had experienced two unexpected issues. First, my car’s back door was dented from a self- inflicted injury while travelling down the multi-story carpark. Apart from monetary savings, I collected the car the very next day.

On the second event, my fiancée had left the door light on just before we went abroad for a week. Upon returning on a Sunday, the door could not open with my remote control. I opened with the key and attempted to start the engine. But Nothing happened. With a phone call, someone arrived within 45 minutes and restarted the car. He was also honest with the diagnosis and advised me not to change the battery which could easily last another year.

I must say that vendors from SGDrivers are very reliable and prompt. Who else should I go to renew my insurance next year!

Total Saving(s) SGD$380



My brake disc and pads   $50.00
Car servicing   $40.00
Air-con repair   $40.00

Free towing



Total Amount Save   $180.00


Self- Accident repair   $150.00
Car Battery Rescue   $50.00
Total Amount Save   $200.00


Hear from our SGDrivers

Thank you SG Drivers for the prompt recommendation and short servicing time. Didn't even know that my battery cell life was low until the check today. Good Job!

Ivy Low

Thank you Lorenzo, my trusted friend. And also to the reliable services of SGDrivers. You are my indeed car insurance specialist! Keep up that good works and be blessed.

Lesylnn Lim

They have proved themselves to be my motor insurance specialist.

Dr Doreen Tan

A veteran of automotive industry definitely knows where to get the most reliable car insurance support :)

Bruce Ong

Thank you SGDrivers for providing me a very reasonable insurance and after sales services!!!Cheers


Thank you sgdrivers for the exclusive discount which helps me save a lot.

Michael Tan