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4 common hygiene neglected zone in the car

Hygiene is a commonly used word, especially during this period. Most car owners and enthusiasts will practice this term “hygiene” to the car more than their home.
We wash, we wipe and we even vacuum our cars, some may spam that costly disinfectant spray in their car cabin. As car owners, we do whatever within our means to keep every corner of our car as clean and hygienic as possible.

But of course, certain areas require more effort and/or assistance. Come, let’s talk about some commonly neglected zone in the car:

Buried Treasures!

YAY! It’s your off day and you finally dig out some time to “spring clean” your car.
During this process, we spent a fair bit of time in the interior, it can be lifting out and giving your car mat a good slap on the wall or tree, or even wiping down that every single visible panel.
But… when was the last time you cleaned & vacuumed your under-seat section? Dirt, Germs, or even MONEY can grow there… yes, money! Ever notice the coins in your pocket got lesser after a drive?


You may bring your car down to your comfortable workshop and seek assistance to remove the seats. It will certainly open up a more visible and accessible gap for you to do the cleaning, vacuuming and money collection.

However, if you intend to work on it yourself instead. Please note that certain cars may be equipped with fragile plastic trim, while others with complex wiring. Hence depending on make and model, it can be risky to either tilt or dismantle the seats yourself. Please also take caution as the weight of the seats may hurt you.


Vehicle Air-Conditional is no doubt a necessity, especially in Singapore. But how often do we dismantle and review this importantly hidden component, considering today’s reliable air-con technology? The Air-con system consists of a few components and today, we are gonna pay some attention to the Air-con Evaporator Coil…

Let’s take an hour to understand the purpose of this Evaporator Coil… Just kidding…, let’s pin it down in points form for easy understanding:

  • Evaporator Coil is cold due to the freezing liquid inside the coil
  • The blower blows air through this coil before delivering the cold air into your cabin
  • Removes heat from the air blown through it

Source to find out more:

This coil may produce moisture/vapor due to the change in temperature creating a damp environment, not only dirt from the blower will stick & accumulate but bacterial/mold will start to grow, building an empire in there. With the blower doing its job, these unpleasant particles or microorganisms may just go airborne in your cabin! Curious about how the mentioned condition looks like? View the picture below or just google it as “Dirty Car Evaporator Coil”.


Had not done cleaning or replacement for years? Then is time to consult your workshop on an Evaporator coil cleaning service, it’s effective but it may be classified as a major job so, therefore, note that the price may vary depending on the car make and model. There is another type of car evaporator coil cleaning service in the market that uses a pressurized spray gun and a thin probe, you may consider this option if you’re seeking for a cheaper alternative as it requires lesser work.


Remove that car mat and give a good vacuum to the carpet! Well… That’s what most of us usually or rather can do. But let’s not forget that car carpet cleaning is just surface and what lies underneath is another story.

However, this option will be more suitable for the older car owners who wish to further keep their 10-year-old car.

The portion under your car carpet may be untouched for years, or even since the date of manufacture. The heat from your car floorboard can radiate inwards creating a dark and warm environment, perfect for creepy crawlies to linger & reproduce. Some older cars even have worn drain plug rubbers permitting water to enter, enhancing a more habitable environment for pests.


Although it can be done yourself, it is advisable to let a professional handle it as mentioned earlier in #1, it can be risky to execute such a job by yourself.

Seek professional help to remove the car carpet and do a cleanup & fumigation. You might find an uninvited hatch and/or unhatched company there.

Pedal Pop!

Although this involves only 1 minute of your time, it is certainly another frequently missed out spot. The pedals! Those shoes travel everywhere with you, touching the walkways, coffeeshops back alley, rubbish dump area, or even grass patch. As you drive with that pair of adventurous shoes, you’re permitting germs and parasites onto your padel.


The next time you clean your car interior, grab some disinfectant and time to wipe the pedals down. It can certainly create a more hygienic cabin.