This Program Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and SGDrivers Pte Ltd and will govern your participation in this Program & its offers. You are not authorized to participate in the Program if you do not agree to any Program’s Terms and Conditions.

The SGDrivers Rewards Program (“Program”) is a membership perk that has been created to reward you, (“you,” “Partner,” “Referrer,” “Participant”) for referring your loved ones (“referee”)

  1. Liability
    SGDrivers Pte Ltd will not be held responsible for any claims, demands, liabilities, costs, or expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, arising from or related to any breach by the participant of any of this program’s Terms and Conditions or any violation of public or private property.
  2. Requirements
    To participate in this program as a Referrer, you must meet the following requirement:
    a) You must be at least 18 years old, and
    b) possess a valid SGDrivers membership, and
    c) You must agree to this program’s policies, procedures and conditions.
  3. Conduct and Responsibilities
    As a participant in this program, you must practice and maintain standards of appropriate business behaviours. Such terms are set in place to protect everyone’s interest:
    a) Shall honour Honesty, Respect and Integrity in their highest form.
    b) Shall practice professionalism at all times, you must not make negative or disparaging remarks about SGDrivers and any SGDrivers competitors as a whole.
    c) You must not influence any referrer/ member of SGDrivers to support other business opportunities.
    d) You must respect the privacy of any Referrer, employees and customers
    e) You shall not engage in activities that may deliver a negative business impact to SGDrivers as a whole.
    f) You under no circumstances should request or accept any form of payment from any referrer in regard to this program.
  4. Privacy Policies
    In accordance with PDPA Singapore. The Member/ referrer:
    a) warrants that he/she has obtained the appropriate consent under the Act from the referee to permit him/her to disclose the referee’s personal data to SGDrivers for the purposes of this program and for SGDrivers to contact the referee using the contact details provided by the Referrer to SGDrivers;
    b) warrants that, to the best of his/her knowledge, the referee’s personal data that he/she is disclosing to SGDrivers is accurate. The Referrer shall give SGDrivers notice in writing as soon as he/she is aware that the referee’s personal data has been updated and/or changed after such disclosure;
    c) must inform SGDrivers as soon as he/she is aware that the Referee has withdrawn such consent as set out in sub-paragraphs a) above;
    d) consents to SGDrivers disclosing the Referrer’s name to the Referee for the purposes of this program and any other purposes related to it;
    e) confirms that he/she has read and agrees (and procures that the Referred Person has read and agrees) to.
  5. Business Venture
    Any joint ventures/collaborations with a competition or non-competition business to aid in your campaign must undergo SGDrivers approval. Without formal approval, you:a) Must not display any SGDrivers context, marketing or promotion materials on unapproved locations and business platforms other than social media.
    b) Must not directly or indirectly engage the sales force of another business to promote your campaign and SGDrivers products and services in such that it violates the terms of their contract with the other company.
  6. Sales and restrictions
    Due to accreditation reasons, all sales of insurance and Loan solutions must go through the proper channel. Under no circumstances should you attempt to sell any of these services, instead, you should promote SGDrivers membership and aftersales services. Should you encounter enquires on insurance from your leads, please Kindly refer them to your assigned sales consultant to take over.
  7. Refer Methods and Application
    All Referrers will have 3 methods to submit a referee application. Referrers are advised to provide 3 main fields to expedite the process; Referee name, Referee HP no. and Referrer Members ID.
    Method 1: Submission of application via their assigned sales consultant via text Message or WhatsApp.
    Method 2: Submission of application via
    Method 3: SGDrivers Hotline
  8. Credits Incentives and rewards
    a) Credits incentives will be transacted into your account only after
    i) 3 successful refereed cases via your member ID.
    ii) all payment must be obligated from your referred leads with SGDrivers must be satisfied.
    b) SGDrivers Insurance Voucher is not applicable for this program
    c)NO Credits incentives and referee counts will be transacted if the following events occur:
    i) your referee insurance premium falls below the value of $600
    d) Credit incentives are not transferable, nor redeemable for cash.
    e) In the event of 2 referrers submitting the same referee, credit incentives and referee counts will be credited towards the 1st
    f) SGDrivers reserves the right to re-claw the Credits incentives upon cancellation of a successful case.
    g) Credits must be used to primarily offset:
    Renewal of vehicle Insurance policy(ise)
    and with the remaining balance credit, the member/ referral may choose to offset:
    i) Road tax renewal, or
    ii) General Insurance, or
    iii) Workshop Vouchers
    h) The credit to cash value ratio is 1:1 =, therefore each credit contains a cash value of one Singapore Dollar (SGD1.00).
    i) Successful Referrers who have met all the terms and conditions  will be awarded cash credit, as follows:
    There will be a total of 4 tokens representing the 4 precious metals and each token is to be exchanged for a specific amount of credits based on its type.​
    Types of Tokens Referee count Credit earn
    Bronze Token 3 100 Credit
    Silver Token + 3 + 150 Credit
    Gold Token + 3 + 250 Credit

    Once all 4 tokens have been obtained, the streak will restart.
    j) All balance credits will expire 3 months after vehicle insurance renewal. Members/ referrals are advised to utilize all the balance credit after complete credit offset on the vehicle insurance policy.

  9. Referral Update
    All Referrers who refer a minimum of 1 referee bi-monthly, will be deemed as active Referrers. As such, all active Referrers will receive statement updates bi-monthly via WhatsApp message, the updates will include) Greeting
    b) Credit Balance
    c) A prelude to the next Tier with countdown credit.
    Contact your sales representative for statement updates
  10. Renewal credits
    Members/ referrals can be entitled to a 1-time renewal credit of $60 for every 3 referees who continue their 2nd-year membership with SGDrivers under that member account.
  11. Account
    The referrer is responsible for ensuring its account information is accurate and updated. SGDrivers will not be responsible for any unsuccessful transactions or updates due to inaccurate account information.
  12. Termination
    The Referrer will not need to submit a formal request to terminate their referral benefits, once a Referrer fails to achieve a minimum referee, the Referrer will be deemed as a non-active Referrer and will no longer receive statement updates. However, SGDrivers reserve the right to terminate/ restrict or suspend any Referrer with sufficient evidence and proof of a breach of the terms and conditions of this program.
  13. Modifications
    SGDrivers reserves the right to alter, extend or terminate the Program, or amend the terms and conditions at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes directly or indirectly arising from the Program, the decision of SGDrivers shall be final.